10 Best Tips To Propose or Offer Love A Girl / Women

Proposing a girl seems to tough for some boys., and on the other hand, some boys can easily propose a girl. Actually love proposing or offering fact is totally an art.

A lot of things one must have to care of during proposing love. Most importantly; you have to propose in such an effective way or using such effective procedures and time so that the probability of getting approved of love by the girls is increased.
how to propose a girl or women

If you don’t know how to propose a girl/women or when to propose and what to do; then you will definitely be a looser.
Here I will give you 10 best proven and effective tips that you can use during proposing a girl/women.

Select A Good Day To Offer Love

Select a day which is shiny and fear. It’s better to select a festive day in which day everybody enjoys the time and celebrates. So, occasions can be a great chance to express your feelings because in that day everyone stays in good mood. But to me, the perfect day of proposing love is Valentine Day.

Take Her To a Beautiful, Attractive Place

Attractive and calm nature compels a people to be romantic and happy. In a beautiful place everyone remains joyous and spirited and it affects on mind. So, use this chance and express your love. Remember; girls like beauty and beautiful attractions.

Offer Her Having Some Foods or Coffee in a Gorgeous Cafe

Girls like chocolate type foods. Any kind of fast foods and coffee is also they like. So, arrange a candle light dinner or sweet afternoon to offer your love. Have great foods and lastly say “I Love You”.

Arrange Some Flowers & Say Love With It

Research said: Red Rose is the best way to propose love. Girls love flower and especially red rose. So, why you are not using this trick to get your dream girl?

Be Romantic To Get Your Dream Girl

There is no substitute of being romantic. Girls generally dislike rough and rude boys. You can sing a romantic song or tell poetry. When she seems to be impressed; then use that time and express your love.

Be Straightforward and Casual

It’s better to express your love whenever you will get your dream girl in front of you. Be straight and say your lovely 3 magic words. Don’t be late to express your love. If you late, there might someone would snatch your love. So, the sooner the better.

Don’t Behave Like a Fake; Be Real

If you really love her; then propose her. Don’t cheat with anybody. Today or tomorrow you will get caught if you cheat. So, be real and honest.

Be Positive & Truthful For Love

Love is not a sin. It comes from heaven. So, don’t hesitate to express love to whom you really love.

Be Smart, Knit & Clean & Confident

Be trendy. Wear smarty knit and clean dresses. Combs your hair and polish your shoes. Girls like smart boys. Now be confident and say the magic “I Love You”.

Express Your Best & Offer Love

Express how much you love her and which things of her you really love the best. Admire her and praise if she deserves; she will definitely love you.

Best luck.

Nasir Uddin Shamim is a Blogger & Tech Entrepreneur from Bangladesh & Founder of ShamimNasir.Com along with some other Tech-ventures. He has written some exclusive articles for this Blog where he exposed his enthusiasm and expertise. Connect him with Twitter or Facebook or in G+ !


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  2. I was propose today…..but she was reject me….have any madicin for again propose to same girl…?????????????I really confuse for hir……I think I need antivaitic madicin to propose hir….

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