10 Things of a Girl That Boys Like Most!

10 Things of a Girl That Boys Like Most!

Well, many of the girls are so much curious about the boy. Girls always try to make them trendier, more beautiful and smarter to attract the boys. But they don’t know some basic things that the boys like most. So, if you are a boy and looking to be attractive to attract the boys; then there are 10 best tips for you.

Now I am telling you girls about what most of the boys like and what the things of a girl they dislike.

1. Simplicity:

Boys like it. Yes! it’s true. Generally boys are so much curious to the fashionable girl; but in real, they all like the girl who is simple in dress, simple in talks, simple in fashion and who goes naturally as their girlfriend or wife.

2. Calm and Quiet Girl:

Boys naturally want to have their girlfriend or wife who is calm and quiet. The girls who are so much dis-arranged; boys dislike them.

3. Girls Who Are in Good Characteristics:

Character is the main issue that most of the boys look deep in. If you have any problem or stigma with your character; then boys will surely avoid you.

4. Girls Who Cares:

Boys are adorable. They want a company who cares them. So cares them and win them.

5. Girls who are Friendly and laughs:

The girls who are moody enough; you will see they have less friends and company than you. Right? A boy doesn’t like the girl who is moody and too much reserved. And most importantly; laugh all time. Laugh is a matter which will not only gives you lots of new friends but also make you more attractive and spirited which is what that boys like most.

6. Girls Who are Knit and Clean:

You don’t have to be so much beautiful like Cleopatra; but you have to stay knit & clean all the time to attract boys. Just decorate and beautify yourself upon what you are. How much beauty God gifted you is enough; just polish it and make it more attractive.

7. Girls Who are Educated:

Education is the main factor. A women labor might be so much beautiful, but boys will never ever look them. Be educated and express your knowledge. Boys will automatically like you.

8. Girls Who save Commitment:

Commitment is the main factor of love, friendship or any kind of relationship. If you can’t save your given commitment; boys will think you like a fraud and left you.

9. Girls who Never Tells Lie:

Honesty is the best policy. Never tells a lie. Be honest and be truthful. Never tells lie about your present condition, lifestyles, family and occupation.
10 things of a girl that boys like

10. Girls Who Are Smart:

Yeah! all of the above mentioned criteria will be useless if you are not smart enough. No matter what kind of body structure you have, no matter how good your fitness is; try to stay as a Smart Girl all time. Wear smart cloths, use smart makeup, talk smartly, behave smartly and win boys.

So follow the above mentioned 10 tips and be a boy killer!!!

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  1. GM KONOK says:

    very important post for my girlfriend.


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