Why You Should Monetize Your Blog?

Why You Should Monetize Your Blog?

Well, this is a million dollar question. Why I need to follow some monetizing tactics on my blog?

I can tell you something about Blogging and its consistency which how depends upon money. Suppose, you have several blogs and you write there different topics with different interest. If you continuously blogging on these blog; you will have good traffic, indeed. High traffic will cost your Bandwidth, times and so on. And basically we are human being and always busy with the stuffs that makes our life better. So, why you would kill your leisure time behind blogging where other peoples around you are passing their leisure time on playing soccer or going to cinema?

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Some peoples will say, hey I love blogging and this is why I blog. Well, ask yourself; do you really only love your blog? If so, why you are thinking about the so called SEO stuffs and Traffics for your blog? If so, why you are sharing your post and submitting sitemaps to Search Engines? Do you ever think, how will I pay my Hosting, Domain cost at the end of this year? Do you ever think about the passive incomes that might be brought by these blogs?

I can give you some examples and thoughts about the blogging with monetizing that walks in same way and that is how your blogs could get better attentions from you.

I wasn’t a Blogger at all, but now I am a blogger. At least, I am trying to be so. Once upon a time when I firstly introduced myself with this Blogging World, I just blogged something just for writing irrelevant stuffs that makes no sense. It was kinda daily log and personal sharings. But in today’s world what is blogging? Now blogging is more than personal talks and opinions. Blogging is nowadays more than the daily logs, rathers its more about helping other peoples to learn what you know and let others peoples to buy what you bought and have been benefited by that. Its now more about researching and brainstorming on the  way how peoples would like it. That is why I still blogging and making money where other so called blogger who took their blog as hobby, left.

In this era, when peoples are habituated to search on Google, Yahoo or Bing whenever they fall in any problems; Blogs are there with lots of probable solutions and suggestions. So, how long will you help peoples as blogging consumes your money and times? If you don’t have any full-time jobs or business; then this is a different case. But if you maintain a strict routine for blogging and try to maintain the consistency of Blogging even though you are just from your full day office after being tired, or in a leisure time when everybody around you are doing fun; it’s impossible for one to waste these leisure time behind blogging just for blogging.

So, what to do? What is the exact thing that will make peoples more interested in Blogging though s/he is in a full time job or do other works? If the blogs can generate some extra incomes; peoples will love to blog often, no matter how much tired he is or no matter how much s/he feels about going out to play soccer.

To my personal experience, when I use several monetizing method on my blogs and when I see my earnings are growing passively; I gradually give more time on blogging and try to make my blogs more compelling and professional. I feel spirited and tired-less when I check my daily earning reports. Earning is just like a magical wand which increases your blogging speed than ever and that is how earnings are boosted up.

In this world, who the people don’t love money? If it becomes completely a passive income along with your monthly salary from your full time or part time job; then its probably a rocking idea. Why not you are making passive money by the blogs where you love to write as it doesn’t harm your readership or writing stamina? In addition; if you monetize your blog; you will not only make money from it but also you take it as your business too. Because you know, money is an essential part of living and some extra money could make your life more beautiful and luxurious.

That’s all the point of monetizing a blog. The motto is- blog daily because you love it, and monetize it because you need it. Why stop as your hobby and Big Bucks are coming from the same source?

So go ahead buddy and make your life happier than you ever imagined. Good luck friends.

6 Responses to “Why You Should Monetize Your Blog?”

  1. Md Mamun says:

    Nice Post Dude!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice post Shamim. You are my inspiration model in blogging… :-)

  3. Tinni says:

    It’s kinda hard to earn money this way tbh :(

  4. Tanjil islam says:

    At first when I applied for my blog it rejected for page type issue . I then worked hard and submitted it again but this time it was also rejected on the fact that it does not meet the program criteria.The email says
    ” After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.”

    What I will do now ? Write posts of various interest and apply later ?
    or I should start new blog ? (That will be painful)
    Or what ? please give me right idea :(

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